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What to Say When You Talk to Your Self


What to Say When You Talk to Your Self by Dr Shad Helmstetter is a highly acclaimed self-help book that offers valuable insights and techniques to reverse the damaging effects of negative self-talk. This updated edition for the twenty-first century provides new information and strategies for cultivating an optimistic outlook on life.

In this book, Dr Helmstetter reveals the power of our self-talk and how it influences every aspect of our lives. He introduces the Five Levels of Self-Talk, which include Negative Acceptance, Recognition and Need to Change, Decision to Change, The Better You, and Universal Affirmation. By understanding and utilizing these levels, readers can regain control over their thoughts and transform their lives.

One of the main highlights of this book is its accessibility and relatability. Dr Helmstetter’s writing style ensures that readers of all ages can easily grasp and apply the techniques described. Through practical tips and techniques, readers can learn to counter their inner self-critic and nurture a strong sense of self-worth.

This book doesn’t just stop at theory – it offers a step-by-step guide on how to talk to yourself in new ways and initiate profound improvements in all areas of your life. Whether you struggle with confidence, relationships, career, or personal growth, Dr Helmstetter’s strategies provide a roadmap to transform negative self-talk into positive affirmations that drive success and fulfilment.

As a highly regarded self-help resource, What to Say When You Talk to Your Self empowers readers to break free from self-limiting beliefs and embrace a more optimistic mindset. By replacing self-doubt with self-affirmation, readers can unlock their true potential and create their desired life.

If you’re seeking a powerful tool to boost your self-esteem, enhance your relationships, and achieve tremendous success, this book is a must-read. So, join the thousands who have already discovered the life-changing impact of positive self-talk, and let What to Say When You Talk to Your Self guide you towards a happier, more fulfilling life.



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