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Myndly Gratitude Journal


A tool for feeling more positive emotions. Use code TSMW15 at check out ~ 15% off for the Single Mama Way audience.

Positive emotions, like happiness and joy, make us feel good and build our resilience. We become more open and curious — and this makes us more likely to be productive, creative and innovative.

Experiencing positive emotions creates a loop — when we notice the positive, we feel good, and when we feel good, we notice the positive.

Curated by psychologists, this Gratitude Journal increases happiness and reduces stress. But this tool is different to what you’re probably familiar with …

  • It’s got five (not just one) practices to try
  • It’s not dated like a calendar, so you don’t need to start in January
  • It’s not something you need to do every day
  • It doesn’t instruct you to do the same activity over and over again
  • It includes reflection questions so you can think deeply about the practice(s) that works best for you



If you’re someone who tends to feel stressed or rehashes and ruminates on the negative stuff, you’ll likely benefit from practising gratitude.

Gratitude is not something you do once — it’s something you need to do consistently to realise the benefits. The research suggests you don’t need to practice every day, so find a rhythm that works for you — and allow it to become part of your lifestyle.

To do this, you might consider keeping the journal:

  • By your bed to use at the start or the end of the day
  • On your desk for when you’ve got a break between meetings
  • In the car for when you’ve got some time to yourself after drop-offs
  • In your work bag to use during your commute



It’s made for people who are open and curious. It requires introspection and self-reflection, so be sure to give it the energy and attention it deserves.

Although it was curated by psychologists, it is not intended to be a therapeutic tool or intervention or to replace the advice of your health professional(s).


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