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The Startling Effects of Poor Self-Worth on Single Mothers

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“The Startling Effects of Poor Self-Worth on Single Mothers.”

“I remember the day my boss informed me that my working hours were reduced.” confides Maria (not real name), a single mother of two. “I stood there, nodding quietly, but a storm raged inside. I blamed myself, thinking I must not be good enough and that I was failing my kids. It took me a long time to realise that my worth isn’t tied to my work hours or bank balance. Understanding self-worth was my turning point. It’s not just a concept; it’s the foundation of my mental and emotional well-being, the anchor that holds me steady when the world tries to shake me. Every single mother needs to realise her true worth beyond her circumstances.”

The journey of single motherhood is a unique experience that comes with both challenges and victories. It requires resilience, courage, and, most importantly, a strong belief in oneself. Understanding self-worth is not just a psychological idea but a crucial aspect of mental and emotional well-being, especially for single mothers.

Self-Worth: The Core of Our Being

Self-worth is the belief that we are valuable, deserve respect, and are fundamentally good. It stands distinct from self-esteem, which is more about personal beliefs and feelings, and self-confidence, which is related to competence in specific areas. The significance of self-worth is deeply woven into our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, influencing how we perceive the world, the relationships we build, and the choices we make.

The Downward Spiral of Diminished Self-Worth

Feelings of self-worth can result in a negative self-image, impacting your sense of identity, self-confidence, and feelings of belonging. These emotions often stem from past experiences and negative feelings such as shame. For single mothers, these feelings might be intensified by societal expectations or personal circumstances, leading them to measure their value based on their relationships or parental responsibilities.

For example, a single mother who does not value herself might manifest as constantly blaming herself for her children’s struggles or life’s hardships, believing she’s not a good enough parent. She might overextend herself, agreeing to every request from others to feel appreciated at the expense of her well-being and time with her children. Often leading to exhaustion, strained relationships, and a cycle of self-blame and guilt, reinforcing her belief that she’s not living up to the ideal of a ‘good mother.’

The Crisis of Missing Self-Worth

Not having a firm grasp on self-worth affects how individuals interact with others, their ability to set and achieve goals, and overall happiness. For single mothers, the effects of low self-worth can be especially problematic. It may cause them to doubt themselves, struggle to make decisions, and hesitate to follow their dreams. This can lead to neglecting their own needs or feeling guilty about focusing on personal growth.

An insightful reflection of the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s Health highlights the importance of valuing self among single mothers. The study reveals a higher incidence of mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety, which are often associated with a pervasive feeling of low self-worth. Financial difficulties and inadequate support are significant factors that can further erode one’s sense of value and self-worth. 

If you find that your financial struggle affects your self-worth, please explore the support directory on the Single Mama Way platform.

Single Motherhood and Self-Worth: An Essential Connection

For single mothers, cultivating self-worth is critical. Their sense of self directly impacts their children, shaping their perceptions and future. When mothers value themselves, they teach their children to value themselves, creating a legacy of self-respect and dignity. Developing a solid sense of self-worth empowers single mothers to set healthy boundaries, pursue goals confidently, and nurture positive relationships. 

The impact on children is of tremendous importance, which is why I have taken the time to explore it further in Single Mothers’ Self-Worth: Impact On Child Growth article.

Past Experiences and Present Worth

Our sense of self-worth is often connected to our past experiences. Unresolved emotions and experiences, especially those involving shame or criticism, can gradually diminish our sense of self-worth. Therefore, acknowledging and dealing with these past wounds is vital to regain a sense of value and embrace our worth.

I delved into the strategies to navigate criticism earlier; you can read about this in “The Healthy Way to Criticise” in the Single Mama Way blog guide. 

The Societal Dimension and Its Impact

Society tends to put much pressure on single mothers, scrutinising their choices and magnifying their challenges. This external judgment can diminish self-worth if not addressed. Single mothers should always remember that their worth isn’t determined by the standards or expectations of society but rather by their own inner belief in their worth as individuals.

For instance, a Single Mama Way client triumphed over societal judgment by focusing on logistics and her children, building a supportive network over four years.

Conclusion: Embracing Worth as a Single Mother

The journey towards acknowledging and embracing one’s self-worth is a declaration that they are more than their circumstances. It is a commitment to love, respect, and appreciate all the beauty life has to offer. Single mothers who embrace their worth can become beacons of hope and strength, not only for their children but also for every single mother who strives to recognise her own worth. By understanding and overcoming the effects of low self-worth, single mothers can walk their path with their heads held high, hearts full of love, and unbreakable spirits. 

An uplifting community of other single mums can be a great stepping stone on this journey. 


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