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A Beginners Guide to Setting Healthy Boundaries

“Beginners Guide to Setting Healthy Boundaries” provides a comprehensive guide to understanding and establishing healthy boundaries in various aspects of life and relationships.

It begins with an introduction to personal boundaries and why they are essential for mental and emotional well-being. The eBook then explores different types of boundaries, including physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, time and energy, and material or financial boundaries. Delving into why healthy boundaries are essential, how they promote self-care practices and allow individuals to be open to the world and form deeper relationships.

The author examines the main reasons people struggle to set healthy boundaries, such as people-pleasing tendencies, low self-esteem, or past trauma. Lastly, she provides practical tips for setting healthy boundaries in various relationships, including parents, children, romantic partners, and work environments. Emphasising the importance of clear and concise communication, understanding individual needs and limits, and being open to reevaluating boundaries as circumstances change.

Whether you want to establish healthier boundaries in your personal life, professional life, or relationships, this eBook offers valuable insights and strategies to help you navigate and maintain healthier boundaries for improved well-being.


A Beginners Guide to Setting Healthy Boundaries

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