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How To Improve Self-awareness And Why You Need To

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How To Improve Self-awareness And Why You Need To

Although almost everyone has a basic understanding of self-awareness, we don’t exactly know where self-awareness comes from or why some people seem to have more or less than others.

The premise of self-awareness is that you are not your thoughts. Instead, you are the one watching your thoughts; you are the thinker, separate from your thoughts. Once mastered, this skill to observe ourselves honestly through introspection has many benefits.

It helps you understand how your actions impact others and how to make better decisions. And thus can lead to better relationships, increased success in personal and professional life, and overall emotional well-being.

Therefore in this article, I will discuss tips on enhancing self-awareness and why single mums must do so.

Benefits of Self-awareness

As already briefly mentioned, there are numerous benefits to being self-aware. Some of the most significant include:

Improved relationships:

Self-awareness helps you understand how your actions impact others, which leads to better relationships. When you are aware of your thoughts and emotions, you can communicate more effectively and resolve conflicts more efficiently. For example, suppose you are aware of your anger or frustration. You can then take a step back and assess the situation objectively rather than responding in an emotionally-charged way.

Better decision-making:

Self-awareness allows you to understand your values and motivations, which can help you make better decisions. You can assess your actions and consider their consequences before making a choice. Then, like using scales, measure your options and choose the best outcome. By understanding your values and motivations, you are better equipped to make an informed decision.

Increased emotional intelligence:

Self-awareness helps you understand your emotions and the emotions of others. This increased emotional intelligence allows you to respond in a way that’s appropriate for the situation and enables you to build better relationships. It’s like having a superpower that lets you read people’s minds – without actually having to read their minds.

Greater self-confidence:

When you have a deeper understanding of yourself, you become more confident in who you are. This shows in your behaviour and can help you achieve your goals. A confident persona can help open up doors to a world of possibilities, allowing you to realise the dreams you have for yourself. In a word or four, “take back your power”.

Improved mental health:

Understanding your thoughts and emotions can identify and address negative behaviour patterns. It can also help you to be more mindful of your present experiences rather than worrying about the future or feeling depressed about the past. Doing this can reduce the risk of mental health issues like anxiety and improve your overall health.

Increased success:

When you are self-aware, you can identify your strengths and weaknesses and make the necessary changes to improve your performance. You also become more proactive instead of always being reactive. This boosts our acceptance and encourages positive self-development. You then reap the rewards in both your personal and professional life.

It is easy to see why improving self-awareness is beneficial, but this list is not exhaustive. Increasing your self-awareness can enhance virtually every aspect of your life. Not to mention the superpowers you’ll gain! Who needs to fly when you can be self-aware?

So how do I achieve it?

By now, you probably would like to know how to achieve these superpowers and reap the benefits. You might be surprised that we have covered many of these tools before, yet they should be the staples on any self-improvement journey.

Practice mindfulness:

Mindfulness is being present in the moment and paying attention to your thoughts and feelings without judgment. This can help you better understand your thoughts, emotions, and behaviours. You can practice mindfulness by meditating, doing yoga, or simply taking a few minutes each day to focus on your breathing and thoughts. My favourite time to do this is either in the shower or whilst vacuuming. It sounds ridiculous, but the sound of the vacuum drowns out any other noise. It even discourages other people in the house from initiating a conversation with you. Neat hey 😎

Engage in self-reflection:

Take time each day to reflect on your thoughts and behaviours. Ask yourself questions like “What did I do well today?” and “What could I have done better?” This self-reflection will help you better understand your patterns of behaviour and thoughts. Writing down your thoughts and feelings in a journal can help you better understand and process them. It’s also a great way to track your progress and see how your self-awareness evolves. If you struggle to get started, download and print a copy of one of the beautiful journals on the Single Mama Way resource page. You’ll be journaling faster than you can say, “Shut the fridge door!.“

Gain a different perspective:

Seek feedback from the ones who love you. Sometimes, it’s hard to see ourselves objectively. Ask friends, family, or co-workers for feedback on your behaviours and how they perceive you. Make sure to approach people who are gentle with their words. This feedback, when taken constructively, can be a valuable tool in helping you understand your impact on others and identify areas for improvement.

Reframe your self-talk:

Ask “What” questions, not “Why”. When asking “why” questions like “Why am I so sad? We naturally become focused on negative thoughts and shut off access to our subconscious. Where as reframing the question to “What is causing me to be so sad?” is more productive. It focuses on objectivity, guides you to explore what you can change, and removes the paralysing self-criticism.

Learn from your mistakes:

Everyone makes mistakes, but using them as opportunities for growth and learning is essential. So when you make a mistake, reflect on what you could have done differently and how you can avoid making the same mistake in the future. Unless it’s a mistake like accidentally eating an entire tub of ice cream – then you should just enjoy it and worry about the consequences later.

Embrace vulnerability:

Being vulnerable means being open and honest about your thoughts and feelings. This can be difficult, but it’s crucial to improving self-awareness. When you embrace vulnerability, you allow yourself to be more honest with yourself and others, which leads to deeper connections and better understanding.

In conclusion, self-awareness is a critical aspect of personal growth and development. By improving your self-awareness, you can gain a deeper understanding of yourself, build stronger relationships, and lead a more fulfilling life. Remember to be patient and kind to yourself as you improve your self-awareness. It is a journey, and it will take time. But, the benefits are well worth the effort.

And as always, if you need a Single Mama guide, please do not hesitate to book a chat with me.


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